Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day — isn’t it great to have a day for us to stop and honor our fathers! As Christian families, we need to put back into dad, encourage him and always thank and praise him for all that he does for the family!
Fathers usually will not ask for this but, they need it! Many times we will run to our Moms and lavish them in hugs and kisses and praise. We should not forget our Dad! Many times kids see the out come of what they receive and thank only Mom for the gift, new shoes, money for CD, etc., but forget to thank Dad too! As Christian wives we need to direct our children to thank and praise daddy also! Remind them how hard dad works, his dedication and commitment to God, the family and his job!
Teaching your children gratitude and thankfulness for these attributes, are great building blocks for their future. Directing their attention to see that hard work commitment and dedication pays off. Emphasizing most of all, that a life lived for the Lord throughgood times and bad, will be a blessed and a be prosperous one! Thanking God for all the blessings that He lavishes us with, is a great lesson and heritage to pass down to your children.
And remember Moms, your children are watching you. Whether you have sons or daughters, their first lesson in how a husband is treated, is from you. If you disrespect your husband your daughters will probably do the same and your sons will think that it is normal. But if you; honor him, love him, pray with him and for him, hug him, encourage him, support him, follow him, expect God’s standards from Him and walk as a Godly wife, you will be sending a great message.
No one is perfect and we all fall short of this at times but, it is a great standard to have. When you make mistakes, apologize to your husband, in front of your children. Especially if your disagreement was in front of them. They need to see your human side and also your humbleness! And if your husband doesn’t do this for you, what a great way to encourage this behavior out of him. Kids need to see that marriage is not easy, but it is worth the fight and when it is done in Christ success can be achieved.
Fathers are so important, and they bring to the parenting table something that moms cannot (and vis versa). Dads involvement in their children’s lives is priceless! I learned how to be a mother and wife from my amazing Mom. I learned what a father was, and what to expect in my husband as the father of our children, from my dad! My father taught me how to dream, how to be myself and not try to be anyone else and to love the person that God created me to be! And he backed that up by loving me exactly how I was.
He also taught me how to make a goal and then chase after it…..fall down and get back up, how to use and access the gifts God gave me no matter the opposition and most of all how to love God and put Him first. I was blessed by a father that did this and now I am so very blessed to have a husband that puts the same into our daughters lives.
When both parents, not just the Mother teaches these precepts, a child has such a solid foundation in Christ.
Happy Father’s Day!
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