Happy Father’s Day in Heaven




I hope Dad can read this poem in Heaven, I’ve missed him since he’s gone, there’s so much I’d like to tell him, I know I wasn’t much of a son.
I think of all the times I could have seen him more, in his later days, I know how much he loved his kids, and tried to show it in different ways.
It seems you’ll have your folks forever, and you don’t take the time, to really love and cherish them, while working to earn that extra dime.
So many opportunities came and went, that’s what I really hate, to have grabbed my dad and hug him, and say “I love you Dad”, now it’s all too late.

I think a man gets tied up in this macho thing, that hides what you really feel, and with someone like your father, your true feelings are kept concealed.

It really hurts on a special day like “Fathers Day”, when you no longer have your Dad, I can’t tell him “Happy Fathers Day”, or hug him, and that really makes me sad.

But after saying all that, there is one thing I would really like to say, “I love you Dad, and have a Happy Fathers Day in Heaven, anyway”!
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