My Easter Prayer & Reflection

Once again we come to the time of the year when we celebrate and pay honor to our Father for sending his son to die for us. Easter is a time of remembrance, a time of emotion, a time of praise for the gift given to each and every one of us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is also a fitting time for an Easter prayer.

God sent his only son to walk on this earth to teach us even today of how we are to live our lives. Jesus became the sacrifice so that we who have accepted him as our Savior could have everlasting life with Him. How could we ever Praise God enough for the gift of life that we now have because of His only Son’s sacrifice?

Jesus died for each and every one of us and on the third day he arose from the grave and now sits on the throne. What a day that will be when we meet our Savior face to face.

As he hung on the cross the scripture tells us in Luke 23:46 Jesus cried with a loud voice, Father into thy hands I commend my spirit, and having said this He gave up the spirit.

Praise God that He lives today, and that he is our refuge from this world. I cannot Thank my Savior enough for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me. He is my anchor, my shelter from the storms and my refuge in time of need.

Easter Prayer

Father into your hands do I commit my life. To serve you Jesus, wherever you lead until you call me home. This world is not my home for I am just passing through. Until I see you face to face, Father, know that I love you and ask forgiveness for all my sins.

As we go and share the good news of Jesus through song and word, it would be my prayer that we are a witness for our Savior to you. That you to can experience on a personal level, a wonderful relationship with Jesus. We are His children and he loves us. He cares for you and me, more than anyone else in this world does.

Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter.

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