Going to the Dogs: 2022’s Best Dog Park Cities 

~LawnStarter ranks the best and worst dog park cities, including Nashville~

The dog days of summer are fast approaching. If dogs are man’s best friends, then dog parks are an important feature of a community.

Which U.S. cities with pooch-friendly green spaces are up to snuff, which ones are in the doghouse, and does Nashville run with the big dogs or the little yappers?

Best Dog Park Cities

LawnStarter listed 2022’s Best Dog Park Cities to mark July as National Lost Pet Prevention Month (in case Rover runs away from the pack — or the park).

They compared 93 of the biggest U.S. cities based on dog park access, quality, and climate. More specifically, they looked at the number of dog parks per 100,000 residents, ratings, and historical weather data so you and your canine companion can enjoy the best time.

Nashville’s Dog Park Rank

Does Middle Tennessee get a tail wag as a dog park city?

Hot dogs: Nashville landed in the middle of the dog pile with a rank of 49. The hot and humid Nashville climate lowered Music City’s ranking as a dog park city significantly. Memphis only did slightly better, with a rank of 46. Doggone it!

Check out the top dogs of the ranking and the runts of the litter here. You’ll also find highlights, lowlights, and expert doggy tips.

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