God’s Promise and the Future of Israel – Don Finto

Don Finto’s latest book, God’s Promise and the Future of Israel (Regal, February 2006) gives readers a keen insight into the nation of Israel and provides a biblical roadmap toward an understanding of God’s purposes for the people of Israel.
God’s Promise and the Future of Israeloffers a challenge to everyone – both Jew and non-Jew alike – who desire to uncover some real-life answers to some of the most timely questions and essential issues occurring in the world today.
In his book, Finto calls attention to the Jewish return to Israel, the rise of Messianic Jewish believers and the shifting of the Church’s power center from the West to Asia, Africa and Latin America, the fastest growing segments of the Body of Christ in our day.
In a clear and thought-provoking style, Finto answers many of these compelling topics in a question and answer format as he reveals how the Church is coming to grips with these sweeping changes.
He explores and discusses many of the specifics including, “What does Scripture say about the future of the nation of Israel?” “What is right and wrong about the Messianic Jewish movement?” “Where do the Arab Nations fit into God’s plan?” “How does this all affect the Church and how can the Church fulfill its role in this end-time scenario?” and much more.
Finto, with the heart of a pastor, and as a skilled and outstanding Christian leader, has developed ties to the Messianic Jewish Movement and he is committed to ministering to the Jewish people. His convictions have grown from his own personal experience, as he shares insights and sheds new light on what God is doing among Messianic Jews and in the nation of Israel.
God’s Promise and the Future of Israel, Finto’s love for Israel shines through as he draws from years of hands-on experience.
Title: God’s Promise and the Future of Israel
ISBN: 0830738118
Price: $12.99
Format: Trade Paper, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 208 pages
Category: Christian Living/Prophecy
Release Date: February 10, 2006
Publisher: Regal Books, www.regalbooks.com
About the Author
Don Finto served as pastor of the Belmont Church in Nashville for more than 25 years. He continues to serve as a pastor to pastors, and he has become actively involved with the resurrected community of Jewish believers in Jesus, both in the United States and in Israel. Don is also the author of Your People Shall Be My People. He and his wife, Martha Ann, have three children and seven grandchildren and they live in Tennessee.

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