God Is Love

God is love. This is the predominant, resounding theme
as one goes through the Bible. From God’s provision of
Adam and Eve’s needs after they had fallen away from
Him, and His patience with His people, the Israelites,
as they journeyed to the promised land, God has shown
us what true love is. It is not a feeling; He did not
sit around “feeling” for us. He acted love out by
leaving His place of awesome glory and coming down to
earth in the form of Jesus, the God-man, and dying in
our place for our sins.
“Love was when God became a man, locked in time and
place, without rank or place…” are lines from a song
that portray God’s tremendous self-sacrifice. How can
God who “spreads out the northern skies over empty
space and suspends the earth over nothing” (Job 26:7)
care so much for man, “who is vile and corrupt and
drinks up evil like water” (Job 15:16)? It is a
question that so many of the Lord’s children ask their
heavenly Father so many times. And always, the
answer comes back loudly and clearly, “I just do; I
can’t help it.” It is the Lord’s nature to love.
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,
with all your soul, and with all your mind…” (Matt.
22:37) is the commandment to which Jesus points to as
the greatest. We fall more and more in love with God
as we read His Word and as we talk and spend time with
Him each day. That is why a personal quiet time is so
crucial and essential to a victorious Christian life.
This is that special time we set aside each day to get
to know our Creator and, as we open ourselves up to
Him, for Him to know us. And as we allow ourselves to
become vessels through which His love can flow to
others, we are, at the same time, fulfilling the
second greatest commandment, “You shall love your
neighbor as yourself.” (Matt. 22:39)
Nothing else will work more for the advancement of the
Gospel than if Christians do everything in love as
Paul exhorts us to do in Corinthians. As Jesus’
disciples, we are to be known by our love for one
another. Love is the hallmark of the Christian. And
the best way to share this love with others is to tell
them about Jesus and how He has given our lives
renewed purpose and
God is unconditional love. In spite of our sinfulness
and unfaithfulness to Him, He keeps on caring even
when we fail to love Him back. As the saying goes, He
accepts us just as we are yet He loves us too much to
leave us the way we are.
“Love was when God became a man, down where I could
see, love that reached to me…” are lines from a song
that portray God’s unconditional love. It’s a love
that continues to win the weary, the broken-hearted,
and the heavy-burdened to Christ. It’s a love that

never fails! (1 Cor. 13:8)
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