God Called a Girl by Shannon Kubiak

“God is looking for world changers.”
From the introduction of Shannon Kubiak’s latest book, God Called a Girl, she communicates that—under God’s direction—anyone can be a world changer. Using the example Mary, the mother of Christ, Kubiak looks at the miraculous way God uses everyday people to serve His purposes. As Kubiak states in the introduction, God Called a Girl is not so much a book about Mary as it is a book about God and His ability to craft the lives of His children into usefulness. Kubiak, who was recently part of a Time magazine article on Mary, wrote her first book while in college. God Called a Girl is her second and newest release, and she is convinced that God can use it to show teenage girls that their lives can have great meaning, if they are surrendered to God—just like Mary.
Teenage girls will love the fact that author Kubiak is in many ways just like them: drinking coffee with her friends, hanging out, and growing up. In God Called a Girl, Kubiak shows that God using everything in life, from the most insignificant happening to the greatest ones to achieve His higher purposes. Freely drawing on her own life, struggles, and circumstances, Kubiak shows readers that life may not seem perfect, but it can be filled with the adventure and meaning of following God. Teens will find that they have more in common with Mary than they thought, and that God has big plans—even though they may think of themselves as “just a teenager.”
About the Author
Shannon Kubiak has a B.A. in Journalism and a minor in Biblical studies from Biola University. She was the recipient of the North County Times Excellence in Writing Award in 2000 and the San Diego Christian Writers Guild Nancy Bayliss Award for Excellence in Writing in 2003. Kubiak has also been featured on the PBS program Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly and in Time Magazine. When she is not writing or speaking, Kubiak can usually be found at one of San Diego’s beautiful beaches or watching a baseball game. She makes her home in Southern California. Her website is www.shannonkubiak.com.
God Called a Girl: How Mary Changed Her World–And You Can Too! by Shannon Kubiak
ISBN: 0-7642-0029-1
Trade Paper, 6 x 8 ½, $11.99


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