GMA Week Journal Monday, April 3, 2006

A first-hand look at my GMA week experience on Monday, April 3, 2006

After Sunday night’s storms, Monday’s dawn brought cool spring weather to Nashville. The Renaissance lobby and halls were as packed as I’ve ever seen them this year. I practically ran into Bonnie Keene in the lobby. Close behind Bonnie were Marty McCall and Mel Tunney – the original First Call. It is so good to see those guys together again.

Shortly thereafter, I found the guys from Viktor ready to eat in the Renaissance restaurant. Louie Weaver, Jimi Bennett and Tommy Brown were entertaining company as I waited for my pasta bar to arrive. We were soon able to get down to the nuts and bolts of what makes the new band, formed of industry veterans, tick. The list of artists the members of Viktor have performed with in the past comprise a who’s who of Christian music: King James, Ruscha, Messiah Prophet, and, of course, Petra. The guys talked about their vision to mentor new bands and to show them there is more to the Christian music industry than music and contracts, and they talked about their desire to bring their fans to a deeper knowledge of Christ.
We talked about fathers and Father’s Day, as well as Don Knotts and Mayberry. The guys’ passion for their music and their tender spirits for ministry shine through their experienced veneer. I will have the full interview up when Viktor’s first project comes out. All I can tell you right now is it will be modern rock and it WON’T sound like Petra!

After visiting with Viktor, I stopped by the Logan Show taping in front of the Renaissance ballroom. Judd and Maggie were performing when I arrived while Logan watched from the hallway, but it wasn’t long before Logan took the stage to make a few comments. The next time I passed the Logan stage, Overflow was performing.

The exhibit area was busier than I have ever seen it in all my years of GMA attendance. It will be interesting to hear what the numbers are for 2006, because it looks like a great turnout for the annual convention.
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