GMA Journal – Monday, April 23



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While meandering through the halls of the Renaissance Hotel on my way down to the exhibit area, I ran into Family Force Five. The trendy guys were obliging enough to pose for a picture.

After touring the exhibits, I took a little breather on the comfy black couch in the hotel lobby. A lovely, familiar looking brunette came up and asked if she could share my couch, and I found myself chatting with Cheri Keaggy. We talked about her latest CD Because He First Loved Us and the challenges of marketing a project.

While we were talking, Phil Keaggy came up. He talked for a minute about our mutual history with Compassion International, and Cheri and Phil let me take a quick snapshot.

After Cheri left, two guys out of the trio rap group Glass City Boyz joined me and told me about Pettidee’s label and their new project. They were full of wisecracks and lots of fun to visit with. I was educated as to the fact that a real DJ avoids the wikiwiki sound and fanning with an album. Yesterday I learned the gangsta hand position; today I learned proper DJ technique. If this keeps up, it won’t be long before I record my first rap project.
The 7PM showcase tonight was full of talent including:


Shawn McDonald


Take 6

Glory Revealed
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