Glorious Day inspires students at Super Summer



Whether it’s a camp setting such as the Baptist General Convention of Texas’ Super Summer or a midweek youth Bible study, worship leader Jeff Johnson desires to lead people to a passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ.
“I love watching people respond to what God is doing in their lives through songs,” Johnson said. “To stand on stage and watch a crowd of people, or even just one individual, respond to the greatness of God’s power is the greatest thing.”
Furthermore, Johnson says his desire as he writes music and leads worship is to facilitate an environment where students and adults alike can catch a glimpse of the God that heals, restores and sets free.
In 2003, Johnson stepped out on faith and left a secure job in corporate America to begin a full-time itinerant ministry. Since then, God has blessed him with numerous opportunities to lead worship at events across the country. In 2005, Johnson’s appearance on American Idol gave him a unique platform to share his faith.
Today, Johnson books more than 150 dates a year, including Christian music festivals, conferences, camps, retreats and worship services.
On August 14, his newest worship CD, “Glorious Day” will release on and Itunes. The next day, there will be a free concert and CD release party at 8 p.m. at The Village Church, 1700 Highland Village Road, in Highland Village, TX.
This CD contains a variety of original songs which Johnson hopes will inspire listeners to go deeper in their walk with the Lord and will remind them of God’s great love and grace for us.
Two songs from the CD, “Glorious Day” and “Ruin Me,” greatly impacted students at Super Summer 2006 and 2007.
“At last year’s Super Summer, we introduced our title cut, ‘Glorious Day,'” he said. “We ended up leading that song every night at Super Summer, because of the powerful response it had each time. On the last night, the crowd was singing so loud that it felt as if Christ would return right then. As we were all shouting, ‘One day he’s coming, O glorious day,’ the reality of that continued to sink in.
“This year at Super Summer, we introduced the song, ‘Ruin Me,’ and watched the crowd prayerfully ask God to ruin their own plans and own desires and to make his name alone famous. At one point as I was leading, I backed off the microphone and hearing a group of 800 students shout out the chorus of that song was overwhelming — both as a songwriter to see how God is using it and just to participate me in that powerful prayer: ‘Devastate me, God, until nothing remains except the desire to live for you.'”
While leading worship, Johnson often shares his life experiences in hopes of connecting students to Christ.
“I have found that when I share my life struggles, it is more powerful than any textbook wisdom that I could ever share,” he explained. “Sometimes it’s a hard thing to do, but it allows people to relate to something real so they can connect with someone who is even more real — Jesus.”
Johnson and his band members also believe in the importance of investing in the lives that God has entrusted them to lead. They spend a great deal of time off the platform — talking with people at events and hearing about what God is doing in their lives.
“Leading anyone to the throne room of the Lord is a privilege,” he said. “I am always humbled and grateful for the opportunities to impact people’s lives and make a difference for eternity.”
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