“Christ Our Hope in Life and Death” Releases from Getty Music

Getty Music, which is bringing Sing! 2020: The Scriptures to Nashville in August, is set to debut “Christ Our Hope in Life and Death.” The song was written by five critically acclaimed songwriters, Keith Getty, Matt Papa, Jordan Kauflin, Matt Boswell, and Matt Merker. This is the first song that the writers have written together as a team.

About the project, Keith Getty states, “We wrote this song over a period of two years with a number of our team of writers, and Kristyn recorded it with Matt Papa. It is so timely in how it speaks to us and our children.”

“The hymn is inspired by the Heidelberg Catechism of 1563, which begins with the profound question, ‘What is your only comfort in life and in death?’ For centuries, believers have learned the Christian faith beginning with that question. Why start there? Because death is the one statistic we all can be sure of. Less than 3% of modern songs sing of death, in contrast to many of the classic hymns, liturgies, and catechisms. Christianity that does not cultivate a constant awareness of our resurrection hope in the face of death is not authentic Christianity. We need to love those around us enough to sing about death. The only comfort we will truly find this season is to know we can face death by trusting Christ, who conquered the grave.”

Getty Music, which recently released Part 2 of their Life of Christ Quintology, releases “Christ Our Hope in Life and Death” to stream and purchase on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and the Getty Music Store at www.gettymusic.com/christ-our-hope.

Watch the lyric video here: www.gettymusic.com/christ-our-hope


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