Get Your Story Straight – LastPageFirst

The first full-length release from pop/punk band LastPageFirst offers up twelve original tunes that are sure to get your feet moving. Equipped with a strong desire to reach out to their generation through song, the tracks you’ll encounter on Get Your Story Straight tackle subjects relevant to today’s teens (such as God, girls and relationships). Along with the highly positive messages found throughout the disc, the listener will also encounter plenty of passionate lyrics, a heaping amount of melodic pop-rock, some punk, and just the right amount of fun.
Along with the CD’s previously mentioned elements, the sleek production, intelligent lyrics and tightly-woven musical backdrop all add up to make Get Your Story Straight one enjoyable disc from start to finish. Highlights on the disc include the upbeat, pop/punk rock of “Some Sweet Story”, the punchy “Overdosed”, the fun-filled “Superhero”, and the quasi-ballad “Miss You Tonight.” Two of my favorite tracks featured on the CD include the positive pop punk of “Song For You” (written for that friend that’s always been there for you) and the highly melodic “Tomorrow.” The former track features the simple, yet witty lyric, “You let me borrow your MXPX shirt, you stood up for me when she treated me like dirt”, while the latter-mentioned track is the disc’s strongest song both musically and lyrically. Check out the cool orchestral intro!
This is definitely one band to keep a close eye on! Armed with their catchy hooks, infectious melodies and clever lyrics, LPF is destined to become a force to be reckoned with. Sure to please many a fan, even the most discerning critic, Get Your Story Straight comes highly recommended.


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