Gab Social Media Platform for Free Speech the Silicon Valley Alternative

Gab Social Media Platform Exists to Defend Free Speech Online for All People.

The Gab social media network is not just building a social network. They are building an alternative to Silicon Valley tyranny and Big Tech censorship. Their mission is to defend free speech online, and the social platform has paid the price for standing by this mission. 

To date Gab has been banned from dozens of services providers including app stores, payment processors, hosting providers, and even VISA. This follows the pattern of Big Tech oppression of free-speech sites like Parler. The Gap platform has spent two years building their infrastructure from the ground up and thanks to the support of their community, they have built a successful platform.

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Gab is free to use but there is an optional GabPRO, subscription service to unlock additional features on Gab. GabPRO members can create groups, get verified, schedule posts, and much more. 

The Gab social media platform is free-speech friendly and a good option for conservatives and Christians. Find it here: Find Christian Activities on Gab here.

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