Free Webinar on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence on Jan. 26

How ethical is AI? Because AI is programmed by humans, it has been discovered to also include racial bias. In other areas, though, such as in medical diagnosis, legal processing and climate predicting, it has proven quite reliable. Some studies have shown that ethics and AI go both ways…we need more ethical AI but also more ethical humans.

Webinar on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Premier Digital Media, affiliated with Premier Insight, will offer a free webinar on “AI, Ethics and the Church,” hosted by Dr. Pete Phillips, Head of Premier Digital Theology and Director of the Centre for Digital Theology. He leads discussions with participants on ideas such as what it would mean for us, the Church, to explore more about how we might be pro-human tech. Or how an AI machine could understand a moral imperative.

Participants in the webinar include:

  • Dr Joshua K Smith – Pastor, Associate Fellow at the Kirby Laing Centre, Cambridge and author of Robot Personhood and Robot Theology
  • Anna Puzio – PhD student at Munster University on AI and Ethics, Speaker at last year’s Global Network for Digital Theology
  • Paul Johnston – Technologist, Entrepreneur, Serverless Tech Innovator
  • Nicole Kunkel – Humboldt University, Berlin and co-organizer for German Network for Theology and AI.

Wednesday, Jan. 26 3 – 4:30 p.m. GMT/10 – 11:30 a.m. EST, online via registration at

Premier Digital has also compiled links to numerous videos, blogs and other resources on faith and AI topics for reference at

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