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~ Free Games at Math & educational website adds free card and board games for kids and kids at heart ~

Known for its free calculators, recently, the math and educational website added an online gaming section which first focused on educational math games. Then they decided to add a variety of other fun games for kids and other people who like many of the board games and other games they played in their childhood.

Free Card Games

For instance, if you loved the game Uno growing up, you can now play Uno with friends online here. If you are rusty on the rules, all the rules are explained and the history of Uno is also provided. This game requires a touch screen device to play. The card game Rummy is also available at

Free Board Games

There are plenty of other familiar board games including: Checkers, Master Chess, Dominoes, and Tik Tac Toe, as well as games like Connect 4, Ludo, Guess Who, Chutes and Ladders, and more. Growing up my family taught me to play checkers, and of course in school I played Tic Tac Toe, so many of these games bring back fond memories.

Free Music Games

They even have a music section where you can practice your drumming skills with games like Virtual Drum Pads and Drum Beats.

The site offers many more free games including Simon Says, Etch a Sketch and even a 3D Rubik’s Cube.

I wish there had been sites with math games when I was growing up. I never enjoyed math classes, but I would have loved games like Grocery Cashier. Kudos to for offering free and fun gaming online.

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