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~ Offers Free Family-Friendly Food Games for Kids and Adults ~

Free Family-Friendly Food Games From

The website offers a collection of over 100 different free online games related to food and drinks for kids and adults to enjoy at

A couple of the games reminded me of simplified versions of FarmVille, where kids work with beginner concepts involving crops or animals. But that is just the beginning. There are word games, match games, music games, spelling games, action games and more. There are games with tractors, games with recipes, games about growing food, harvesting food, preparing food and selling food.

Some of the games are rather basic and are almost exclusively for kids, while other games have a bit more challenge to them and are fun for adults, too.

Pizza Shop
Pizza Shop

Who doesn’t love pizza? There are 9 or so fun games revolving around pizza. I had to try a couple.

I tried playing Pizza Shop first. The graphics and music were appealing as was the concept, but I had a hard time figuring out how to get the server to perform each task. Often she would be stuck in one spot while I tried to figure out how to get her to perform a task while her angry customers walked off. Perhaps children would find the game more intuitive than an adult. If not, this game might prove somewhat frustrating.

Pizza Chief

I had much better luck with Pizza Chief. In this fun game, kids move ingredients from the countertop onto their pizza as quickly and as accurately as possible.

The only game I found that might be objectionable was Open Bar which teaches kids to fill glasses accurately and clean up in a bar setting.

If gaming is not your thing, there are many other resources on the site for weight loss, healthy eating, body-fat calculator, workout calories and more.

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