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~A look at several websites that offer free Christian Games Online; Part 2 in a series on online Christian gaming~

We took a look at the popularity of video gaming in our previous article, Christian Video Games 101. Now we will highlight websites that offer Christian games online for free.

Christian online games are definitely popular, but most video games come with a price tag. Online gaming for Christians is another option for some fun games, and there are quite a few sites that offer Bible-based, church games online for free.

Free Christian Online Gaming Sites

The following sites are among many sites that provide Christian online games for believers at no cost:

Superbook from the Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc. offers at least 21 online games, most, (but not all), with Bible based themes. Bug Out, for instance, allows kids to match bugs by color and pattern and has no spiritual message. It’s just simple fun. offers religious games for sale and but also has some free games on site. Some of these free games include this Bible Trivia Game that can be downloaded, printed and cutout. provides players with a free online game of Bible Jeopardy, a challenging game of Bible trivia with 50 questions, and other fun games.

Another site with free Bible games online for kids is Christianity Oasis. There you can play hangman, trivia, quizzes and puzzle and other fun Bible-based games.

New Site Offers Over 100 Free Games

The new gaming site has just opened up a category for free religious games online at the suggestion of Christian Activities. The site offers numerous other colorful online games for free. Their category-based navigation is located in their footer for their game collection which includes puzzles, quizzes and education games as well as zombie, sword and shooting game. So far the site offers well over 100 fun games, and they are adding more free games to the site daily to keep expanding it.

To date, they have only introduced two Bible games on the site, but as the site grows, more Bible-based games should be added. None of the games looked offensive. “Mr Bullet Ricochet Gun Shooter,” where the player tries to shoot a cartoon man around obstacles, is perhaps the most “violent.” In fact, some 30 games are shooter-type games. Ten cat games were listed including the addictive “Swift Cats: Angry Birds Inspired Level Destruction Game” game, so maybe the Bible category of games will be fleshed out accordingly before too long if there are other requests for them.

Here is what currently offers for Christian game play:

Bible Coloring Book for Kids

 The first Christian game on the site is actually an online coloring book based on the Bible. This app provides dozens of scenes from the Bible which children can color online. The coloring book can not only be colored online, but there is also a printable PDF for people who want to make print outs for students to color instead of playing the online game. The game is free to play here.

PDF and Word documents with all the images from the game are available at these links:

Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz Trivia Game for Kids

This second free game is a multiple choice 100-question quiz about the Bible that asks children questions about Bible characters, events and dates. Play it here.

Both games would be great for fun at home and for Sunday school and even VBS activities.

Free Christian Illustrations is also hosting some free grace games at:

Quiz Angel and Christian Treasures are also published on Crazy Games:

There are many other free online church game resources for Christians found on other websites. Do a little research and see what you find. Good games can do a lot to keep your mind sharp and reduce stress.

Feel free to share your favorite Christian games online in the comments below.

First published May 29, 2021

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