Franklin Graham on the Equality Act: Do Not Surrender

Franklin Graham speaks out about the serious ramifications of the Equality Act

Recently renowned Christian evangelist Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham. spoke out about the damage the Equality Act will cause to churches and Christian businesses saying it would put religious freedom in jeopardy. Graham continues with his thoughts in this article.

Franklin Graham on the Equality Act

The U.S. Senate is discussing a very dangerous piece of legislation—the Equality Act.

The message to the church from certain influential, high-level people in government is loud and clear: Fully embrace the sexual revolution and redefine marriage and gender—or else!

The Equality Act is moving our nation in a direction that elevates government above God. They want to make the moral decisions, usurping His authority. Please pray fervently for God to intervene in this matter. We can only move forward on our knees, dependent upon Almighty God.

You have my word: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will stand firmly and faithfully on God’s truth. We will not waver, and I challenge you and your church with every ounce of strength in me: Do not pivot!

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