Founder of CCM Magazine John Styll Resigns

John Styll, who founded “CCM Magazine” 23 years ago, has resigned as president of CCM Communications, which runs the flagship magazine in addition to “The CCM Update,” “Worship Leader,” and several other publications. Styll has been a great influence on the Christian music community and is credited with coining the official moniker for a new genre of music as he named his magazine CCM.
Salem Communications bought CCM two years ago, and a statement by Styll spoke highly of Salem but went on to say, “It’s become increasingly clear that a leadership change is in the best interests of both Salem and CCM.”
Jim Cumbee of Salem Communications says it was a matter of different views about the future direction of CCM Communications in an article in the “CCM Update.”
Styll also is chair-elect of the Gospel Music Association board and will be aerving as the new chairman of the GMA Board (a two-year term).
An ad in the 1994 Creative ReSOURCE Directory for CCM used the header “Serving the Industry… Leading the Way” and this has always summed up CCM Magazine and John Styll who have always been synonymous in my mind. Soon after I began publishing Christian Activities as a Nashville newsletter, John graciously gave of his time in February of 1993 to be one of my first interviews. He has been a tremendous influence on my career and on Christian Activities.
We are running the John Styll interview from 1993 in our Music History section.

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