Former Heavy-Metal Rocker Now Witness

A former heavy-metal rocker is telling people about Christ in Sydney, Australia. David Soesbee, voted in high school as most likely to be incarcerated or dead before age 30, is preaching the message of life, Sydney’s Wesley Mission reported.

The 34-year-old is among 230 Christians from 150 U.S. churches taking part in Reach-Out 2000 Sydney through Lay Witnesses for Christ Intl. Soesbee prayed with 43 people who put their faith in Christ in six hours of door-to-door evangelism this week, according to Wesley Mission.

“The people of Australia are very receptive to the gospel message,” said Soesbee, a former Mormon. “They have a yearning to fill that God-spaced emptiness in their lives.”

The Asheville, N.C., resident runs Touch Ministries, an organization that brings the gospel to young people. He recently traveled with the Christian heavy-metal band Payable On Death and ministered to musicians in several bands at Woodstock’99.

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