Forgiven 5 CD Review


C.W. Ross
Oct 26, 2005

Forgiven 5

"He Is Alive"



This release is from the independent band Forgiven5 who you
may not have heard of before but once you listen to this cd you'll
remember their name.

Their music is classified as Rock but features many other musical
style influences. You'll find touches of Alternative, Southern Rock and Hard Rock in the songs and even a little Rap-Rock on the song, "On My Side."

The songs are powered by driving guitar parts mixed with deep
thunderous drumming that will rattle your teeth.

The lyrics of the songs are well written and make you ponder their
meanings. The lyrics deal with all aspects of faith. Not only the need for Jesus
in your life but also overcoming struggles in your life and growing in
your faith, seeking out God's guidance strength and protection.

My favorite track on the CD is the song," From The Inside." Musically
it has a Southern Rock feel with lyrics that deal with the issue that
some people will judge you on your outwards appearance God looks
on the inside and what's in your heart.

The bands trying to reach a wide as possible musical audience with
the different variations of rock music found on this cd. If you're looking for some good independent rock music this cd
should fill that need.

Here's the band's website:

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