For Veterans Day, CEF Offers Program for Military Families & Their Children

When Americans observe VeteransDay, they often reflect on the sacrifices made by our soldiers, sailors, airmen, coast guardsmen and others serving in the nation’s armed forces. What most Americans don’t think about is the impact that being in the military can have on a child and or children who have parents who are in active duty.

CEF Offers Program for Military Families

A key part of military life involves children and families, for whom Child Evangelism Fellowship has a special place in our hearts,” says Andy Bunn, Military Children’s Ministry director. “It’s not an easy life for many, and we are doing our best to reach those families. CEF’s Military Children’s Ministry offers security, continuity and the Gospel message through Good News Clubs® tailored to military life.”

About four million people call the U.S. military “home” and more than one million American children have at least one parent on active duty. Life for military families often means frequent moves to different states and even different countries. When a parent is deployed away from the family for six months to a year or more, it can bring enormous stress to children. The Military Children’s Ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is designed to help children build a strong foundation of faith to see them through upheavals and unique challenges. 

“Veterans Day reminds us of how much we owe the brave people who serve in the armed forces,” Bunn says. “Children in military families face uncertainty, frequent moves and deployment of parents. Our Good News Clubs® share with them the unchanging anchor of Jesus Christ.” 

Dr. Bunn is uniquely prepared to lead the CEF Military Children’s Ministry. A graduate of West Point Military Academy, he holds an MDiv from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and earned a Ph.D. in Leadership from Piedmont International University. A Desert Storm veteran, Andy served 10 years in the Army, training and leading soldiers and as a department head for ROTC.

“The Lord has seen fit to take me on a journey of military service, secular work, vocational chaplain ministry and leadership, including executive leadership of a ministry that trained church leaders in Africa,” Andy says. “I’m grateful for how God worked and grew me for this vital ministry assignment, to teach God’s Word to the next generation so they might know Him.”

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