Focus on the Family Challenges Christians on Abortion in the Church

As churches prepare to celebrate Sanctity of Human Life Week, January 15- 22, 2006, Focus on the Family has challenged clergy members to consider recent statistics on abortion in the church when addressing their congregations. A survey by The Alan Guttmacher Institute conducted among women who had abortions found that one in five self-identified themselves as Evangelical Christian.
Kim Conroy, Sanctity of Human Life Director for Focus on the Family believes that it’s time for churches to be proactive on this issue. “Every post- abortive woman sitting in our churches needs to know that there is help and forgiveness available — and it’s our hope during this Sanctity Week that pastors and other clergy will extend that to her.”
Conroy added that while abortion is always a tough topic to discuss, especially when considering the emotions of someone who has experienced it firsthand, it is vital that churches prioritize talking about this growing problem.
“Justice, mercy and compassion must be at the forefront of the conversation if we truly desire to extend healing to the women in our churches affected by abortion — both those who’ve already experienced it and those who are right now contemplating it,” Conroy said.
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Focus on the Family is a leader in the pro-life movement because of its many effective initiatives. Among them is Option Ultrasound(TM) which was started in 2004. The program’s purpose is to make ultrasound machines and sonography training available to medical clinics that meet the professional requirements. In a recent survey the organization found that 79 percent of pregnancy resource center clients decide to carry their babies to term after viewing an ultrasound image of the baby inside them.
Focus on the Family, founded in 1977, is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing and defending families worldwide. The “Focus on the Family” broadcast has over 1.5 million listeners daily in the United States alone. Focus on the Family has offices worldwide with a total audience of over 200 million.
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