Flatfoot 56 Review




The Celtic punk band from the south side of Chicago is back with their
sophomore release Jungle of the Midwest Sea.
This release is filled with 14 tracks of the band’s Celtic Punk Rock
brand of music.
Brothers Tobin ( vocals), Justin ( drums) and Kyle ( bass) Bawinkel along
with Josh Robieson (bagpipes and mandolin) make up the band.

The songs found on Jungle of the Midwest Sea are filled with the Celtic
sounds of the bagpipe and mandolin set against a barrage of fast drum
work and even a few songs with hard edge backdrops.
What would an Irish flavored release be without a good sea chantey song
and Jungle of the Midwest Sea doesn’t disappoint with its opening track,
“The Galley Slave.”
From that melodic opener the band kicks it up in to their more familiar
Celtic Punk Rock sound with machine gun
fire drumming and wailing guitars along with fiery bagpipe bellows.
Layered on top of that are lead gravely-vocals
and background vocal shouts that keep the passion gushing from the songs.
With 14 tracks and lasting just 40 minutes the songs are fast and furious
with the occasional more melodic song offering a change of pace for the
The songs deal with the need to be true to your roots, to take a stand
for who you are and what you believe.
Jungle of the Midwest Sea is a lively album with a lot to offer. This
band has set the benchmark for other Christian Celtic punk rock bands to
try attaining
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