Five Iron Frenzy Surprise Fans With New Album ‘Until This Shakes Apart’

Long-Running Denver, CO Ska/Rockers FIVE IRON FRENZY Surprise Fans With New Album ‘Until This Shakes Apart’- Their First In Over 7 Years; Surprise Release ‘Until This Shakes Apart’ Now Streaming Everywhere

Five Iron Frenzy New Album ‘Until This Shakes Apart’

Denver, CO ska/rock stalwarts Five Iron Frenzy have surprised fans by dropping a brand new album, titled ‘Until This Shakes Apart.’

The 13-track, crowd-funded LP is now streaming on all digital platforms.

Lead vocalist Reese Roper says, “Friends. We all believe this is the best thing we’ve ever made as Five Iron Frenzy. Thank you for being part of this, and for sticking by us all these years. Here’s to 25 more years of us loving you guys!”

Stream here:

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Who Is Five Iron Frenzy?

Formed in 1995, Five Iron Frenzy is a family. They laugh, they fight, they love, they may disagree sometimes, but they always come back home.

It’s been just over seven years since the band released their last full-length record, “Engine of a Million Plots,” and the wait for a new record was not from a lack of demand. In fact, it took a global pandemic for Five Iron Frenzy to get their act together and do the thing. And they did it well.

Available today, FIF has self-released “Until This Shakes Apart,” after a successful Kickstarter campaign where just a few months ago $287,764 was raised to make this record a reality. “Until This Shakes Apart” directly confronts society and religion today in a way that only Five Iron Frenzy can do. It’s been years in the making and they’re ready to share what they’ve been working on.

Available everywhere you stream music.

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