First Call Reunites for New Hymns CD

Shortly after the new CD from the original First Call arrives in store shelves at the end of this month, PAX-TV will be airing a special on June 18. Filmed in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the special features First Call sharing their thoughts and performing several of the songs on their new CD, “REJOICE: AN A CAPPELLA HYMNS COLLECTION.”
“Hymns have always been a huge part of who Bonnie, Melodie, and I are – individually, and as a group,” Marty explains. “We have sung various hymns together through the years, and so when we decided to do the CD a cappella, it felt natural to make it a Hymns project.”
In all their years of recording, First Call never did a Hymns project. And Bonnie thinks there was a reason for that. “What a precious project to work on now, after all that has happened to us,”she says. “It feels so good to sing vertically at this point.”
Featuring arrangements from David Hamilton, Travis Cottrell and David Maddux, REJOICE takes the group full circle, back to what started it all – the unique, Manhattan Transfer-ish, jazzy, intricate vocal stylings First Call was always known for. Bonnie’s husband, Brent King (who just won his fourth Grammy Award for engineering/production), has served as the project’s producer.
There is nothing like an original, and REJOICE is back to basics for First Call. “This is the original trio,” enthuses Bonnie. “The original First Call…..allowed to begin again….a rebirth, so unexpected, so merciful and healing….and for anyone who listens, you’ll hear the hope of the three of us — still united, still friends, still undivided in heart.”
“We honestly never dreamed we would be back on stage with each other again,” says Melodie. “But God has been so faithful in the midst of so many things. His redemptive heart shows up when we least expect it.”
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