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New in Town is the new romantic comedy from Lionsgate which premieres on January 30, 2009. Lucy Hill (Renée Zellweger) is an ambitious, up-and-coming executive living in the warm weather and big-city atmosphere of Miami, Florida. She loves her shoes, she loves her cars and she loves climbing the corporate ladder.
When she is told about a struggling plant in the middle of nowhere, she suggests the plant be closed. Her boss thinks that the plant should be downsized and modernized instead. Lucy takes a temporary assignment in Ulm, Minnesota, to restructure the failing manufacturing plant, knowing that a big promotion is close at hand if she succeeds.
Lucy leaves the warm weather of Florida, and arrives to face the frigid weather of Minnesota. Her reception by the townspeople is almost is frigid — with one notable exception.
Lucy is greeted in Ulm by the plant’s motherly secretary, Blanche Gunderson (Siobhan Fallon Hogan). As Blanche escorts Lucy to her new home, talking about her passion for scrap booking, she unexpectedly asks Lucy if she has “found Jesus.” Lucy laughs and replies, “I didn’t know he was missing.” Throughout the movie, Blanche demonstrates her sincere faith in action through her unwavering kindness, generous spirit and hospitality.
What begins as a straightforward job assignment becomes a complicated, life-changing experience as the town, the people and their small-town values begin to change Lucy. This is compounded by unexpectedly meeting the man of her dreams, widower Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick Jr.)
One of the loveliest scenes in New in Town is when Lucy hears a knock on her door and opens it to see the townspeople carrying candles and singing Christmas carols as they make their way to the lighted town Christmas tree. As she takes in the faces in the lighted circle, Lucy’s expression reveals these people are coming to mean much more to her than mere names on a page.
New in Town was originally rated PG-13, but on January 20, Lionsgate and Gold Circle jointly decided to delete strong language from the film, giving New in Town a PG rating for some language, and making it more accessible and acceptable to the entire family. New in Town, which stars Academy Award® winner Renée Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr., has received strong early word-of-mouth from family-friendly audiences. You can add my favorable reaction to the list. New in Town is a movie well worth seeing, and in these times, it is nice to leave a movie feeling optimistic and hopeful.
Running Time: 96 minutes
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