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Dave Says…

Dear Dave, I hate the house we live in – the floor plan, age, the location – everything. When we bought the house, my husband – Mr. Economics Degree – made all the decisions and I felt like my opinions didn’t matter. I really want to move, but I can’t convince him. I know we can afford to move, because we have about $200,000 in savings besides our retirement fund. We owe abut $100,000 on the house we’re in, and…

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Tithing, do you feel obligated to do this? What does it mean to you? Unfortunately the enemy has successfully used money over the years to keep us from achieving a close relationship with the Lord! Money is something that can start fights, drive wedges and split opinions between family, friends and spouses. Financial matters are very personal but like all things in our lives, it should be brought up under the Lord. This issue is very important and every Christian…

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Don’t Pay for Life Insurance!

You’ve probably heard it said that the least expensive way to buy life insurance is to purchase term insurance. That is the type of life insurance that you pay for a period of time, such as 5, 10, or 20 yeas (term, get it?). The policy will pay your beneficiary a stated amount of money upon your death, so long as your death occurs during that term of years the policy is in force. With respect to monthly outlay of…

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Dave Ramsey Adds More Books to Roster

In Dave Ramsey’s children’s book series the main character Junior teaches children about managing their money as he navigates through his own financial decisions. In September, Ramsey will release three new titles – Adventures in Space, A Special Thank You and Battle of the Chores – in which Junior learns about contentment, integrity and debt. Junior’s adventures began in The Super Red Racer, Careless at the Carnival, The Big Birthday Surprise, and My Fantastic Fieldtrip where he learned about working,…

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Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Now Available In Home Study Kit

Dave Ramsey’s (national radio talk show host and best-selling author) Financial Peace for the Next Generation has rapidly grown to teach personal finance in more than 450 high schools and universities. More than 5000 students in 39 states and three countries have learned how to begin building wealth at an early age and how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to debt and even bankruptcy. “After years of listening to parents tell me their financial woes on the radio it…

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Dave Says… New Column by Dave Ramsey

Christian Activities announces a new series of columns by financial expert Dave Ramsey. Ramsey is well respected for his Biblical approach to managing money with previous articles on such topics as Raising Money-Wise Kids. Future articles by Ramsey in the new “Dave Says” column will include: “Why buy used cars?” “Wages being garnished after bankruptcy,” and the current Dave Says article Borrow to pay for adoption? Ramsey is the author of the New York Times best-selling book Financial Peace and…

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Debt Free Friday Listeners Eliminate Debt

Callers of Dave Ramsey’s “Debt Free Friday” shows have eliminated $10,903,500 in 2004. This impressive total only includes the callers who made it on-the-air on designated Friday call-in days.  The total does not include debt reported on other days, or through additional methods such as Ramsey’s FPU classes, or by any other means.   Ramsey’s syndicated show airs in more than 200 markets.  Listeners from across the country call in daily to ask questions about getting out of debt, making…

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Money Answer Book – Quick Answers to Everyday Financial Questions

Ring in the New Year with Money Answer Book – Quick Answers to Everyday Financial Questions by NY Times best-selling author/radio show host Dave Ramsey! This quick and simple, question and answer book is a resource for equipping individuals with key information about everyday money matters. Questions and answers deal with 100+ of the most-asked questions from The Dave Ramsey Show—everything from budget planning to retirement planning or personal buying matters, to saving for college and charitable giving. This is…

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Dave Ramsey on 60 Minutes

Christian financial expert Dave Ramsey will appear on 60 Minutes this Sunday, November 7. The show airs at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS stations. For more information about Dave’s appearance on “60 Minutes”, visit Check local listings for the time. Ramsey is the author of the New York Times best-selling book Financial Peace and the newly released Total Money Makeover. He is also the host of the nationally syndicated The Dave Ramsey Show, where he offers financial advice to…

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A Woman’s Guide to Family Finances

A Woman’s Guide to Family Finances (Bethany House Publishers) is the latest book by Ellie Kay. is the latest book by Ellie Kay. Ellie Kay is a regular guest on CNBC’s Power Lunch, a national magazine columnist, an international speaker, and a national radio commentator for Money Matters. She is the author of six books, including Shop, Save and Share and Heroes at Home. Ellie is married to a corporate test pilot and mother to a large family, including five…

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