February Drawing Winner Reports

It’s very early in the a.m. and I’m still half asleep but just wanted
to let every one know what a wonderful time it was at Riverdance last
night.  Only word I can think of is awesome!
The music reminded me
of Howard Shore’s music of Middle Earth.  I told my daughter that the
dancers feet moved so fast, one could hardly keep up with them.  I
was amazed at how high the dancers jumped and kicked.  I also told
her if she ever had a chance to see Riverdance to do it for it’s one
of those things that will remain with you forever.  Riverdance is
something that I would go back to see again and encourage my friends
to see it.  I’m not very good with fancy words but I loved it.
It was great meeting Kathryn.  She is a very gracious
lady and I am so glad I had the opportunity of meeting her.   I thank
her for drawing my name and giving me the opportunity of being part
of such a wonderful program.
The first act was my favorite part.  I have to admit, though, I loved the number where
the Irish immigrants and the African-Americans were competing, one
doing the jig and the others tap dancing.  The fiddle and sax ended
up sounding well together.  It made me realize that though we have
different customs, languages, etc., we are all the same and if we
work at it, all these  different things can blend together and make a
new song so to speak. 


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