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I am researching a book of family history and genealogy and am looking for records on some of my ancestors. If you have any information on any of the following people, please email me with any data you may have:
Gilbert Jesse Darden, born 1854, Cheatham County, TN
Grigsby L. Darden born. May 1894, Nashville, TN
W. Brents Darden born 1890, Nashville, TN
William Allen Darden, Sr., Nashville, TN, born 1887, TN
William Allen Darden, Jr. born 1910, died 1993 Nashville, TN
Benjamin Drake born around 1721. Moved to Tennessee.
Benjamin Drake born 1758. Died in Nashville, Tennessee in 1831.
Ephraim Drake born before 1767. Died in Nashville, Tennessee in 1816.
Benjamin Drake born 1758. Died in Tennessee in 1831.
James H. Huff (Nov 21, 1818 Virginia – Mar 9, 1890 Dalton Georgia)
Rufus J. Mallory, Sr. born 1823, Reynoldsburg, TN
Rufus J. Mallory, Jr. or James Rufus Mallory, born 1863, TN
William W. (Wesley?) Mallory died around 1828 in Reynoldsburg, TN
Winfield Scott McGuire born Oct. 1851
James Winfield Ransom born 1910, died 1997. Nashville resident.
Mary Elizabeth Ransom, born 1915, Nashville. Married Wm. Allen Darden.
Thomas Alexander Ransom born 1912, Nashville. Nashville resident.
William King Ransom, born Aug. 1880, Deason, TN

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