FaithGirlz! [BlogOn] Series & FaithGirlz! Bible Series



FaithGirlz! Series & FaithGirlz! Bible
by Dandi Daley MacKall
Published by Zonderkidz
FaithGirlz! Bible by Zonderkidz w/ features by Nancy Rue
Dandi Daley MacKall has created an enchanting new series of books for girls of all ages. Although designed for preteens, my 22-year-old daughter and I both lost ourselves in these books. The FaithGirlz! [Blog On] series is about a set of girls who all use their skills and insights to work on a website.
Why did I get lost in these books? The characters are believable. While scriptures are included in the books, the message is not preachy and the theme of the book is shared through both the experiences of the girls and the scripture. The books focus on the strengths and individuality of each character while also allowing us to see their weaknesses. In each book, someone overcomes a crisis, usually brought on by a part of their own nature or beliefs, to learn a lesson about themselves and God. Each book also contains a section at the end about Internet security.
This series is called and the four titles I read are Grace Notes, Love, Annie, Just Jazz and Storm Rising.
The FaithGirlz! Bible is just as inviting as the books. I love the purple ink for scripture verses. This Bible is fun to use because it is easy to handle with the page printed in a landscape format. There is a bit of room for notes if you like to write in your Bible. It has a variety of study features to get girls involved.
“Bring It On” gives questions for girls to consider and verses to look up depending upon the answer they choose. “Is there a little ___ in you?” helps girls consider Bible characters to see if they share any of the same characteristics. The “Oh I Get It” feature shares answers to questions. “Dream Girl” helps the reader to imagine that they are in the story being told. Two special features are “Between You & Me” where the reader and a friend answer the questions together and “Between God & Me” where the reader writes to God. Each book of the Bible has an introduction to give the reader insight on how the Bible can apply to their own life. FaithGirlz uses Today’s New International Version (TNIV) of the Bible.
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