The spiritual life is not a life of success; it is a life of faithfulness,
and it1s not easy.” — Mike Yaconelli, Messy Spirituality
Faithfulness is a character quality that flourishes in the context of
healthy relationships. Certainly it includes the idea of keeping promises
and building trust. But if you’ve lived on the planet as long as I have, you
know that relationships can sometimes get sticky. Yaconelli is right;
faithfulness is not always easy. But fortunately, there’s someone we can
turn to for some outside help.
Those of us who call ourselves Christians live out the spiritual life by
trusting in the faithfulness of God. According to Deuteronomy 32
faithfulness is a part of God’s very nature. And in Matthew 23 Jesus called
faithfulness one of the “weightier matters of the law.” Clearly,
faithfulness is important to the Lord. As followers of Jesus how can we
learn to become more faithful? And if it’s more than a concept, if it really
looks like something, what will it look like in our lives?
We need to take a closer look at what Jesus had to
say about the handsome habit of heart called “Faithfulness.”
Grace and peace,
Jim Thomas

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