Faith-Dipped Chocolate by Louse Bergmann DuMont

Ahh, the sweet taste of chocolate. Who can resist? Well, some I suppose, but for the rest of us, chocolate means delicious savoring. That’s where Louise Bergmann DuMont’s devotional book, Faith-Dipped Chocolate, leaves us smacking our lips.
DuMont’s parents are German immigrants, and Europeans love their chocolate. Some of her earliest memories of chocolate are connected with Christmas. “Every Christmas we’d get a large package from my mother’s cousin in Germany. The ‘German Package’ (filled with German chocolates) was just as important to our Christmas celebration as our Christmas gift,” says DuMont.
She also remembers the chocolate open-faced sandwiches her mom made when she and her siblings were sick. “When we weren’t feeling well, mom treated us like royalty and gave us special treats. She would take some good home-style bread, spread it with sweet butter, and top it with bits of shaved dark German chocolate”, says DuMont. “That would be our Kaffe Zeit (coffee break) treat in the afternoon. It tasted like a pastry.”
DuMont has taken a family heritage and molded it with her ability to write to serve the God she loves. DuMont illustrates God’s love, His direction, and our responsibility to have faith through the simple, sweet influence of chocolate. Each of the sixty devotions will have you savoring daily faith with a thought-provoking scripture and a chocolate lover’s tidbit (including a yummy hot-fudge recipe!).
Faith-Dipped Chocolate is a devotional for every chocolate lover. And for all of you coffee enthusiasts, check out DuMont’s Grace by the Cup, a devotional that is sure to start your day with a boost of God’s java.
Faith-Dipped Chocolate by Louse Bergmann DuMont
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