The Explosive Growth of Christian music


CA Staff
May 14, 2005

Looking at the astounding 36% growth Christian music has experienced while other music forms have been in declining records sales, Channel 2 News took a look at the explosive growth of Christian music during tonight's newscast. Last year Christian rock alone surged by 20%, making the case for the effectiveness of rock, hip hop and rap as popular forms of Christian music.

Industry leaders like Michael W. Smith, Mark Hall and John Styll were featured among others while the music of bands like Casting Crowns was featured.

"The faith of George W. Bush has made it safe to be a Christian in today's world," said Gospel Music Asspciation President John Styll.

Citing several incidents of modern-day cultural and spiritual problems, veteran performer Michael W. Smith claimed that many people have the response, "That's it. Enough is enough."

The program was a positive look at the growth of Christian music. Kudos to Channel 2.