Exodus Is Rich in History


Jim Thomas
Aug 14, 2008




From a human perspective, things in Egypt have gone 'from bad to worse' so
far as the Israelites are concerned. A sojourn which began with a royal welcome by decree became slavery and then deteriorated to a plot to kill the Hebrew boy babies and to enslave the girl children. It would seem that things
could hardly get worse. One might wonder if God was aware of what was taking place, and, if so, why He was not more involved." -- Bob Deffinbaugh, Exodus: The Birth of the Nation

The Old Testament book of Exodus picks up right where Genesis leaves off and then catapults ahead 400 years. As we pass through the action-packed pages of Exodus we study the life of Moses, the birth of the nation of Israel, the conflict between the God of Moses and the magicians of
Pharaoh, the institution of the Passover, the deliverance of Israel from slavery in Egypt, the amazing story of the crossing of the Red Sea, Israel's wandering through the wilderness, and God's giving of the Ten Commandments. Here is a book rich with testimony of God's grace, faithfulness, and power.

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