End of The Spear Wins American Values Award

Move over Oscar, there’s a new game in town, and this one purports to honor films “Americans actually like.” Seattle-based Publisher Michael S. Class, head of the Motion Picture Frame Studio, has established the American Values Award, and in his inaugural year, has selected the surprise hit End of the Spear as a winner for 2005.
“We are honored that Mr. Class would select our film, and we gladly take up his charge to help bring more attention to the American Values Award,” said Jim Hanon, director of End of the Spear. “American films shape values the world over and we’re excited that a more complete representation of those values seems to be emerging.”
Class believes that many of the films being honored by the Golden Globes or the Academy are not reflective of the majority of Americans’ tastes or values. He chose End of the Spear for its emphasis on spiritual growth and finding God – in Whom most Americans do still believe.
End of the Spear is based on the true story of five missionary men who in 1956 were brutally killed on the banks of the Amazon in Ecuador by the Waodani tribe, described by anthropologists as one of the most violent cultures ever documented. After their deaths, the missionaries’ wives and children went and lived among the tribe members who had speared their husbands and were instrumental in reversing this homicidal, savage society.

Opening Jan. 20 on 1,163 screens, End of the Spear surprised Hollywood, earning a spot in the top ten and upsetting its big-studio competition, New World. Coming in at 8th place with box office receipts of $4.3 million, End of the Spear also outperformed recent newcomers Hoodwinked, Last Holiday, and Glory Road in per screen average. End of the Spear will continue its run on 1,105 screens, looking for a strong second week fueled by positive word of mouth.
The rest of the American Values Award winners, and Class’ reasons for selecting them, include: Cinderella Man, a story of commitment to family during the Great Depression; The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, a morality play based on the New Testament of the Holy Bible; Star Wars: Episode III and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, stories of good versus evil; The Great Raid, a true story of American heroism during World War II; Millions, an off-beat story about doing the right thing; and The Greatest Game Ever Played, a story of good sportsmanship.
End of the Spear stars Louie Leonardo (frequent guest on “Law & Order”) as Mincaye, Chad Allen (Matthew in “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”) as Steve Saint, and Christina Souza (“Selena: A Celebration of Life”) as Dayumae, the female Waodani who invited the slain missionaries’ families to join the tribe. For more information about End of the Spear, visit www.endofth espear.com. To learn more about the Every Tribe Entertainment, visit www.everytribe.c om.
Chad Allen is a well-known homosexual activist. See Allen’s press page for details.

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