Enchanted Garden of Lights




If you can’t seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year, consider a trip to Rock City, Tennessee! Long admired for its gardens and impressive rock formations, at Christmas time, Rock City glows with holiday cheer. Millions of lights twinkle in every nook and cranny as sounds of the season echo along the passageways. Beautiful displays from the patriotic to the whimsical welcome visitors and tents that offer everything from cookies to hot chocolate to kettle corn are scattered across the grounds.


The most colorful display is a beautiful gingerbread house that will delight any child. The most impressive display, however, in this day and age, was a lighted nativity with Christmas music and the Biblical Christmas story told in its entirety. People lines the path and sat in respectful silence while the various segments of the story sprang to colorful life at the appropriate times.
Santa was on hand for photo ops. Garlands and ribbons were everywhere a light could not be found and a huge star was set on the mountainside overlooking Chattanooga. Follow the star to Rock City and enjoy the Enchanted Garden of Lights!
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