Easter: The Intentionality of Jesus

~ As I ponder over this Holy week & its events almost 2000 years ago, I am amazed at the intentionality of Jesus ~

Easter: The Intentionality of Jesus

As I ponder over this Holy week and its events almost 2000 years ago, I am amazed at the intentionality of Jesus–the arrival at Bethany; the retrieval of the colt and donkey; the agitation of the Pharisees in the cleansing of the temple and in His answers of their questions; the cursing of the fig tree; the preparation for the Last Supper; the washing of the disciple’s feet; sending Judas out to “do what he needed to do quickly”; instituting the New Covenant through His body and blood; praying in the garden knowing exactly what was in store for Him and asking His Father if there was any other way but relinquishing His will; being arrested without any other disciples being taken; knowing what to say and not to say in the five corrupt, unjust and illegal trials held under cover of night and early morning with no defense witnesses, no time for preparation for a defense and with a predetermined outcome: the immediate sentencing and carrying out of the sentence despite the Pharisees’ intention not to kill Jesus during the feast because of the fear of the people; the timing of His death with Him giving up His spirit and the spear wound being exactly when the Passover lambs’ throats were being slit open by rhe priests and the blood was running out of them: and so many other things that showed that Jesus was in control the whole time, orchestrating it all according to the timing and purposes of His Father.

God’s plan actually was put into place in eternity past: Jesus was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. God instituted the time in Moses’ era with the Passover feast before the captives were led out of slavery on the 14th of Nisan (Jewish month.) They had picked out their perfect spotless lambs on the 10th of Nisan and had examined and cherished them in their homes until the evening of the 14th. Jesus was proclaimed the King and Messiah of the Jews in His triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the 10th of Nisan–the exact day that Daniel prophesied that “the Anointed One” would come, but would be cut off! (Dan.9:24-26)

Today, we remember that Jesus’ body was in the tomb and the Pharisees were setting up a guard at the tomb out of fear. These guards had the easiest job ever–to keep a dead man in the grave, but God used them to be His official eyewitnesses to the resurrection of Jesus and to be trusted witnesses to the Pharisees, who had said they had to see to believe! (Mark 15:32)

In my imagination, I can see Jesus’ spirit preaching down in Hades with to all the saints of old, starting with Adam to Noah, Moses, Abraham. David, Josiah and all the remnant who looked for their Messiah and introducing Himself as the answer to their hope and Redeemer! He would lead them out of their captivity with keys in His hand, just like Moses had! (Eph. 4:6, Rev. 1:17) I also see Him showing Himself as just Judge to all those who rejected God’s revealed truth as well as disarming and making a public spectacle of the powers and authorities! (Col.2:15) They will all bow down and give Him honor even if against their own wills someday. (Phil. 2:9-11)

What a glorious hope we have in Jesus’ triumph over death and the grave! Hallelujah!

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