Easter Poetry

A compilation of Easter poetry to enjoy during the Easter season.


Seek ye first His kingdom,
with the rising of the sun
and seek Him in the evening
when all your work is done.
Seek Him in a quiet place
and seek Him in the fray.
Desire more His presence
as you come to bow and pray.
Honor Him with honesty
and shower Him with praise.
Let His wondrous Spirit come
renew your mind today.
Consecrate your life today
as on an altar laid.
Mindful of His sacrifice,
and the price for you He paid.

Thomas S. Valles
Moscow, ID


This is the day called Easter. Many will celebrate with Easter bunnies, new clothes,
fine meals; but we as Christians should celebrate as follows:
We should celebrate rejoicing
in all we do and say.
Lord Jesus is alive, alive
on this Resurrection Day.
We can celebrate with gladness
for though Lord Jesus died,
nailed to a wooden cross
when He was crucified,
the dark grave could not hold Him,
He arose on the third day,
Lord Jesus is alive, alive
on this Resurrection Day.
We should celebrate with praises
that glad-hearted we can say
Lord Jesus is alive, alive
on this Resurrection Day.
We should celebrate most humble
because our souls He spared.
When Lord Jesus died for us
He died because He cared.
This glad morning we can worship,
we can worship, we can pray,
we can sing out hallelujah
on this Resurrection Day.

Louise Evans
Trenton, NJ


And so I walk now on renewed nameless streets
on a new journey toward a place
where joy and happiness reunite
and become one flesh in a biblical way.
Footsteps press down hard against the sand
wet-ed by the incoming tide,
alternately feeling the cool dampness of a rainbow
and the dry heat of the desert sand
Ever compelled to continue onward along the path
leading toward the more solid ground of eternal reality.
The expanse of the ocean still reflects the foreboding nature
of a great distance yet to be traveled.
But those who endure until the end have their reward:
a joy reflecting back across the distance of experience
somehow washing away the black tide of hell and purgatory.
The paradox remains
that somehow the pain and struggle of real life
contributes to the coming joy
which renders obsolete the former pain.
Much like romance after separation and denial,
or, if you will, like resurrection after suffering and death.

Gregor Southard


Lord Jesus rose from the grave.
He went to the cross for me,
that my soul He could save
He died on Mount Calvary.
He went to the cross for me,
my Lord Jesus, God the Son.
He died on Mount Calvary
this Most High Holy One.
My Lord Jesus, God the Son
He gave His life in love.
This Most High Holy One
now reigns in Heaven above.
He gave His life in love
that my soul He could save,
now reigns in Heaven above
Lord Jesus, rose from the grave.
Louise Evans
Trenton, NJ


What began as dread and condemnation
took a glorious turn.
A thief condemned to die that day
through grace had come to learn…
that Jesus was the Christ of God
who offered Paradise.
He there accepted Jesus,
for he knew first hand the price.
Thomas S. Valles
Moscow, ID


Jesus you were here,
though some think not!
It’s been many years and some have forgot.
But others remember and they shall ever proclaim
That You were sent to take our blame.
Your life wasn’t easy as many have taught
You bore much suffering when our lives You bought.
You were born to Mary, a young virgin girl
She was chosen by God to bring You into this world.
It caused much commotion when some heard of Your birth Many religious were jealous when You came to this earth.
They couldn’t believe that You were our King
Because You were born in a stable and had not a thing.
They were looking for wealth as some still are today And though You were here they wouldn’t follow Your Way! They wanted You dead, and seen that it was done.
But what they didn’t realize, was that You were God’s Son!
And though they killed You and it seemed like the end After three days passed You would rise again!
Now that was a miracle and I know it was true,
So I’ll spend my life telling the world about You.
Kathy Fretwell Gandy
Russellville, Alabama


If I could strengthen Him with food to relieve the one I love.
If I could give Him crystal water instead of vinegar and gall.
If I could just invite Him home when left forsaken from above.
If I could take His crown of thorns and stop the hammer as it falls.
If I could mend and clothe His body, and provide the utmost care.
If I could only take His cross to show the load I’d gladly bear.
I can give the hungry food and stop the craving as it aches
I can give the thirsty water with a blessing and a cup.
I can seek the prison cell, and tell how God forgives mistakes.
I can give my Father joy and help the wounded person up.
I can mend and clothe the sick and show them how the Father cares.
I can bear a daily cross and help these brothers everywhere.
For what I do unto the least of these,
I do unto my Lord.
I cannot take the cross He bore,
but I can choose to love these more.
Matthew 25: 37-40 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’
He is risen! He lives!
by Tom Valles


Embrace the cross the where Jesus gave
His holy life our sinful souls to save.
He bore the cross up to Mount Calvary
to give His life for such as you and me.
He had no sin, no cause He should repent.
It was for us to Calvary He went.
How sad it was that Lord Jesus died
when He was so harshly crucified.
and although buried, He did not stay,
for He resurrected on the third day.
Embrace the cross in Jesus’ Holy Name
where He in love bore all our shame.
Come before Him, repent and believe
His saving grace, you shall then receive.
His crucifixion did not keep Him down
for today in Heaven He wears a crown.
He calls to sinners to come and pray
to receive the salvation He gives today.
How good it is our Lord Jesus lives
and to the sinner eternal life gives.
Louise Evans
Trenton, NJ


Every fortune’s envy.
Let every treasure wane.
Nothing e’r so precious
as the blood flowed from His veins.
Thomas S. Valles
Moscow, ID


(Matthew 36:26)
Those who walked with Jesus
were with Him that last day
when He came to Gethesemane
to take the time to pray.
Lowly in the garden there
Lord Jesus walked alone..
Humble in the garden there
He did for sins atone,
not for any He had done,
for He had done not one,
but there in Gethsemane
He atoned for you and me.
Lowly in the garden praying
there He faced the coming morrow
knowing all that He would face
with grief and pain and sorrow.
Death upon the brutal cross
was awaiting Him He knew
as to the sacrifice for sinners
was the path He must walk through.
Lord Jesus Christ the Savior King
He did to earth salvation bring.
when there in dark Gethsemane
He prayed for such as you and me.
Louise Evans
Trenton, NJ

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