Easter Egg Hunt


Lisa Welchel
Mar 20, 2009




For Easter I prepared a treasure
hunt for the kids. I hid their Easter Basket contents all over the house.

The clues were Bible verses and the place where the prizes were hidden were
within the scriptures. One of the clues was, Genesis 1:29, along with the
question, "Where do you prepare what God gave us'. The clue was food and the
answer was in the oven. That is where I hid another clue and prize number
eight, their new Easter clothes.

Easter morning I got up to surprise them by making cinnamon rolls for
breakfast. I turned on the oven to preheat it. Yes, you guessed it. The
clothes were still in the oven. Praise the Lord, only moments later, I
gasped and realized they were in there before they caught on fire. They only
got REALLY hot!


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