‘Dual Allegiance’ of New Citizens Opposed

Remember in elementary school, learning about the concept of the “melting pot” of immigrants in America? As Newt Gingrich recently stated, “Since the earliest days of the Founding Fathers, Americans as a people have insisted upon the patriotic assimilation of immigrants. That is to say, we have welcomed immigrants and, at the same time, insisted that they assimilate and become loyal Americans. And, overwhelmingly, they have.”

Until recently. Did you know that we allow incoming immigrants to gain American citizenship, AND keep their citizenship in their old country? This means that they can, for example, vote — or even run for office — in their old country, AND vote in U.S. elections!
In fact, according to immigration experts, the great majority of immigrants applying for U.S. citizenship come from country that “allow or encourage multiple citizenship”! Many immigrant-sending countries, including Mexico, are actively PROMOTING dual allegiance.
When an immigrant applies for citizenship, he or she is required to take the “Oath of Renunciation and Allegiance,” pledging to transfer their full political allegiance to the U.S.A. It’s time to ENFORCE that Oath and REJECT dual allegiance.
Thankfully, new legislation has been introduced to do just that — but we need YOUR help to get it out of committee and onto the floor of the House for a vote.
As the conservative music duo, The Right Brothers, speak so eloquently in one of their songs, “What happened to ‘the pot’? … We’re hyphenated, segregated — we’re not just Americans!”
A new bill introduced by Rep. J.D. Hayworth, the “Enforcement First Immigration Reform Act” (H.R. 3938), seeks to reverse that trend, and affirm our nation’s deepest principles of constitutional democracy. Included in this sweeping legislation, which contains many core conservative principles that should guide the national effort to confront illegal immigration, are provisions that would make certain acts felonies — such as the recent example of when “dual citizen” Manuel de la Cruz was elected to Mexico’s Zacatecas legislature as a member of the traditional anti-American Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD).
Common sense tells us that this is just plain WRONG. And we will continue to see a rapid increase in dual allegiance if Congress doesn’t act NOW. Copy the URL below now to send a FREE message to your U.S. Representative, asking him or her to SUPPORT the “Enforcement First Immigration Reform Act” and our nation’s bedrock principles of patriotic assimilation:
NOTE: This past summer, the American Legion passed a resolution to “encourage the Congress of the United States to enact measures to enforce the Oath of Renunciation and Allegiance and reject dual allegiance.” We need to stand WITH these brave heroes that have given so much to protect the liberties that citizens of this nation enjoy.

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