Dreamality Explores God’s Dream for Man

Who hasn’t had a dream? Whether it’s a four-year-old’s desire to be a cowboy or a fifty-year-old’s hope to spend the golden years on a beach, we all dream. The human heart beats to dream and to hope. Some of our dreams are still on the horizon. Maybe we’d love to share life with someone special – sunset walks, honest talks, holding hands, sharing secrets – but that someone is nowhere in sight.
In Dreamality, author Bob Coy explores the differences between man’s dream and God’s dream for man.
One example of a common dream for many is to have a happy marriage in which ideas are exchanged and purpose is discovered. Others might dream of having kids – or obedient children. We may dream of an important promotion, a great accomplishment, an upcoming vacation, being old enough to drive, or graduating from high school, college or medical school. The variety of dreams is as countless as our thoughts.
All of these dreams and more can be summed up in humanity’s hope to lead meaningful lives filled with purpose that transcends our own finite existence. It is this common bond of aspiration that causes our eyes to tear, our hearts to melt and our determination to rise when we see others’ dreams fulfilled.
Dreamality reveals that we all have the same quest for greatness. We know instinctively that God’s plans for us are bigger, grander and more meaningful than any plans we could make, and the cry of our hearts for greatness makes us identify with people like Eric Liddell in Chariots of Fire. Eric was a famous runner from Scotland who refused to run in his best event, the one-hundred-meter-race at the Paris Olympics in the summer of 1924, because the heats were held on Sunday. He chose to run in the four-hundred-meter competition instead, a race he was not expected to win. The Flying Scotsman, as he was affectionately called, won a gold metal in that race and set a new world record. As depicted in the movie Chariots of Fire, Liddell made this profound statement: “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast, and when I run I feel God’s pleasure.” He was living in the reality of heaven’s dream and sensed that God was pleased with him. He was doing the thing he was created to do, loved best and excelled at most. Now, we can experience the thrill of victory through his story.
We all experience victories like that. We’re driven to our feet, cheering, when the long shot wins the race or when Rocky comes back from a beating that would kill the average man to take the World Championship in boxing. We are wired for victory. How did we get that way? The Bible tells us that God made us in His own image. That’s one reason we dream. God is into dreams. He’s the dream distributor and the dream deliverer: God is in the business of giving us dreams and then fulfilling those dreams in our lives by helping us to realize His purposes for each of us.
The Bible is rich with accounts of God-given dreams. Whether through Abraham and his family, Esther and her destiny, David and the temple, or Joshua and the Promised Land, we see God giving and fulfilling dreams.
Dreamality takes a closer look at biblical dreams through the life of a young dreamer named Joseph. Find out why some of his dreams go nowhere, while others blossom. Once we’ve completed this journey with Joseph, we’ll find out more about God-given dreams but also learn how to believe in those dreams. God loves us deeply and only He can say to us, with the ability to deliver, “You can have your dreams back, because they were made with you in mind!”
Joseph set out in life with a dream, but along the way he encountered opposition. Dreamality explores the importance of Joseph’s life in relation to ours, as readers discover some of the stark parallels between Joseph and our own lives today, to see what they reveal about our position as Christians.
We all have dreams similar to Joseph’s. Dreams that say we’re important, that we belong to something bigger than our own lives and that we were meant for greatness. But what happens to those dreams along the road of life? How do we change from hopeful dreamers into disappointed or dutiful doers stuck in the rut of routine? The answer is, we have an adversary – a dream destroyer. And when he attacks, the life we thought would be a dream becomes a nightmare. Sometimes we even lose sight of our dreams. At least, that’s what the adversary wants us to believe. But it’s a lie.
God has given each of us a dream. And it’s time, with His help, to live it. When we do, we will be living a “dreamality”- a life that manifests God’s purpose and design. Heaven’s dream will have become our reality.
Publisher: Howard Publishing
Release date: July 19, 2005
Categories: Inspirational/CLVCLFGEN
ISBN: 1-58229-447-X
6 x 9, 240 pp.
Tradepaper, $14.99 U.S.
Bob Coy serves as senior pastor at Calvary Chapel of Fort Lauderdale, a 17,000-member-church in South Florida, which has been ranked as the eighth fastest growing church in America. In 1985, Bob and his wife, Diane, moved to South Florida to found the church, which began with only four members. As senior pastor, he has become well known for his unique style in expounding the scriptures, making them come alive and relate to those of us living in the 21st Century. His teaching style emphasizes “life application” of the highest standards of God’s truth while his delivery captures the loving heart of God’s Spirit.
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