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The Canadian band Downhere is back with their 4th release Ending is Beginning. This is the follow-up to the bands critically acclaimed release, “Wide Eyed & Mystified.” This new release features 12 original songs along with a bonus track, their 2007 hit song, “How Many Kings.”
On Ending is Beginning, the band wants to take the listener to a place of a deeper faith, dealing with faith struggles and the triumph promised in the end.
The band mixes it up tempo wise on the songs found on Ending is Beginning, You’ll find up-tempo rockers like, “Bleed for This Love,” and “My Last Amen,” along with more melodic songs like, “All at War,” and “Hope is Rising.”
One of my favorite tracks was, “Here I Am” a power ballad that talks about wanting to be a vessel for God’s love to the world. I also liked the unique sounding song, “The Problem.” It features an interesting mixture of Adult Contemporary meets modern country music found on it.
“Beggar Who Give Alms,” is a simple ballad, but is packed with a powerful message of a humble and pure worship.
With Ending is Beginning, once again Downhere proves that they’re one of the best Christian bands around today. They have a lot of faith related wisdom to offer up to a searching and hurting world with their music.
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