Donating Hair for the New Year

~ How to Donate Hair for the New Year ~

With the New Year here, you might be thinking of a new hair style for 2023. If funds are low, or if you want to do something nice for someone less fortunate, consider donating your hair. There are numerous organizations like Locks of Love that accept hair to make wigs for children and adults who have lost their hair due to disease. And—thankfully—there are also numerous hair salons that will cut your hair for free if you are donating it.

Jón Alan Salon in Bellevue is one of the places that offers a free haircut if you are donating your hair. For the incredible price of FREE, they wash your hair, cut off 8 inches (or more if you want to donate more), add a treatment before blowing it out, and then finish the cut. They won’t do extras like layers, colors or curls, but the results are more than satisfactory for a free cut. They currently donate hair to Children With Hair Loss and Back to You.

Jessica at Jón Alan Salon did my cut and put my 8” donation in a baggie. She has been there for a year and is friendly and knowledgeable.

How to donate Hair

  • First, find out if your salon accepts hair donations and/or offers free cuts if you donate hair
  • Ask what length hair you need to donate to get a free hair cut. Lengths vary; usually 8-10 inches of hair are required
  • Make sure you are happy with the charity that will receive your donation. Some donate to children with cancer; other donate to different causes
  • set and keep your appointment, making sure they know you are doing a hair donation

So this holiday season, consider a hair cut that will save you some money and help a child with hair loss. It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions.

Originally published November 29, 2022.

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