Do You Want Your Tax Dollars Used to Destroy Innocent Human Life?

A vote is scheduled this week in the U.S. Senate to allow your tax dollars to be used in the destruction of human embryos for embryonic stem cell research.
The bill, HR 810, was passed in the US House of Representatives on May 24, 2005 and is scheduled to be voted on in the US Senate the week of July 11. The bill, along with its Senate companion, S. 471, mandates federal funding of embryonic stem cell research which requires the destruction of a young embryo.
Perhaps most discouraging is that stem cells derived from embryos have resulted in no human therapies. Adult stem cells, however, which do not require the destruction of human life, have already cured thousands and have been effective in treating spinal cord injuries, leukemia, and Parkinson’s disease. (Family Research Council) At least 58 different disease conditions have received therapeutic benefit from treatment with “adult stem cells.”
Unfortunately, Sen. Lamar Alexander has stated that he is leaning towards supporting the use of your tax dollars to destroy innocent human life. Contact Sen. Alexander Immediately and ask him not to use your tax dollars
to destroy human life.
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