DJ Maj Virtual Dance Parties

DJ Maj Hosts Virtual Family Dance Parties

DJ Maj of TobyMac’s Diverse City Band Hosts Virtual Family Dance Parties, Partnering with High Profile Artists including TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Mandisa and more to Raise Awareness for Mental Health In Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

DJ Maj of TobyMac’s Diverse City Band recently hosted a Family Dance Party on his Instagram stories @playjamusic. His purpose was to bring people together and create community while so many are dealing with feelings of isolation due to COVID-19 stay at home mandates. 

The dance party was such a success that DJ Maj has expanded the concept and partnered with several high profile music festivals and artists including TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Mandisa and more via their Insta story social media platforms.

“Originally I didn’t plan to do more of these parties, but after the first one, the response I got from people who were really struggling with being at home, who lost jobs, who were fearful of what is happening, opened my eyes to how this could really help some people and start a conversation about mental health – something I’ve been passionate about for years.” 

After personal loss and soul searching, Maj embarked on a personal journey in what he calls “the language of vulnerability.”  The result was the result was the launch of  in 2019 to help nudge people toward tools to create community and advocate for vulnerability, honesty, and transparency. 

With suicide and depression/anxiety rates on an upward trajectory already, the COVID-19 crises has only worsened this trend, with rising call volumes at crises centers across the country.  In March 2020 alone, the Disaster Distress Helpline saw a 338 percent increase in call volume compared with February 2020. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, DJ Maj is excited to continue the parties each weekend and is now also doing virtual meet ‘n greets @playmajmusic  to connect more on a personal level after each party. 

DJ Maj Premieres New Song “Feel Again”

Also today, DJ Maj partnered with New Release Today to premier a brand new song featuring Bekah Shae, “Feel Again.”  As DJ Maj states, “It’s ok to not be ok.  But, not having to tools to process times of personal loss tends to result in an emotionally calloused existence.  It all accumulates and we eventually pop.  I’ve learned the importance of keeping the connection between our hearts, our emotions, and our minds unsevered.  When we pause, examine, and dialogue, it begins the process of healing in many forms. I hope this tune and these Family Dance Parties can continue to bring joy, inspire, and provoke healing.”

DJ Maj Virtual Family Dance Parties May Schedule

The current May schedule for the DJ Maj Virtual Family Dance Parties includes Blanca, @OfficialBlanca (5/1), TobyMac, @TobyMac (5/2), Gotee Records, @Gotee (5/8), TobyMac (5/9), Mandisa @MandisaOfficial (5/14), TobyMac (5/16), We Are Messengers @weare1movement (5/22), and TobyMac (5/23), with more dates to come!  The virtual dance party with Chris Tomlin took place in April. Get all of the latest information by following @playmajmusic on Instagram or at

Additional song information is available at

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