Diana, Princess of Wales, CD Collection Contained Christian CDs




After the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince Charles asked legendary British DJ Paul Gambaccini to catalog her CD collection.
As you’d expect, the library included people like Elton John, Simply Red and Chris DeBurgh.
But no one expected Gambaccini to uncover four albums by UK Christian singer songwriter Adrian Snell.
According to Snell, Diana “loved” his music because they shared an interest in the Leprosy Mission — a charity serving leprosy sufferers in places like India and Nepal.


Today, while Diana is remembered as the “Queen of Hearts” who used her “art” to speak out for oppressed people, Adrian has continued to build his career setting to music the concerns and issues of people who don’t normally have a voice.
He has recorded six major concept works including City Of Peace, Beautiful or What? and Song For An Exile, plus recorded more than 13 solo albums. Snell has performed extensively in the UK, as well as throughout Europe, Israel, USA, and has led a number of sessions at the Australian Christian Musician Seminars held in Cooma a few years ago.
Interestingly, until UK media published the contents of Diana’s CD collection, Adrian never once mentioned his famous fan. Now the secret’s out.
Friday marks the tenth anniversary of Diana’s death.
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