Desire of Our Hearts



“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!” (Psalm…) I bless you today with the ability to delight yourself in the Lord. I pray that you will become so God-focused that you will be in inexpressible awe at Who He is, what He has done, how much He loves you, and how he has orchestrated the centuries so that you can have eternal life.
I pray that you will have to search for new words with which to express your worship. I pray you will search for psalms and other scriptures that express your thoughts and that you will make them yours and pray them heavenward. May your hands rise, your knees bend, your head bow as you ponder the beauty, the splendor, the glory, the compassion and love of this Eternal One.
I pray you will become so full of gratitude as you think of all He has done that you will involuntarily begin to speak of Him. You will be an artesian well of praise. You will be like Jeremiah who tried to keep the fire in, but his body could not contain it. He had to speak.

Finally, I pray that as you come before Him and stay before Him, your desires will become so meshed with His that He can give you everything your heart desires!

Don Finto was Pastor of the Belmont Church in Nashville, Tennessee, for over 25 years. Presently he continues to serve as a pastor to pastors both in the Belmont Family and among other related congregations.


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