Designing Your Own Activity

When I want to design an activity to go along with a story, I use the following steps. You can do the same thing. I’ll use the story of David and Goliath, 1 Samuel 17, as an example.
1) Brainstorm.
List all the elements of the story that you can think of:
smooth stones
bread and cheese
boy / giant
armor / soldiers
2) Go back and think of an activity that uses one or more of these elements.
smooth stones / brook = rock collecting, classifying stones as smooth or rough, pouring water over stones while discussing how stones become smooth in a brook, putting stones in a jar or fish bowl and looking at them different angles to see the refraction of the image, etc. (These are science activities.)
boy / giant = measuring, comparing sizes, making a growth chart, tracing body outlines on butcher paper, ect. (These are math activities.)
bread and cheese = a snack of bread and cheese, making cheese toast, tasting different varieties of cheese, ect. (These are snack or “cooking” activities.)
armor / soldiers = making “breastplates” or “shields” out of cardboard, making “helmets” or “swords” out of posterboard, etc. (These are art or craft activities.)
slingshot = throwing games, making “stones” by crumpling newspaper strips and throwing them at a target or into a box or basket some distance away, ect. (These are physical activities or games.)
If I need a variety of activities, I try to choose one of each type. If I only need one, i choose the one I think my children and I will enjoy the most. Then I write down the marerials the activity will require and the procedure. Then I list sample questions that 1) connect the activity to the goal concept of the lesson and 2) challange the child to apply it to his life and think further about God.

God is the One who is the Creator. So ask Him for a big helping of his creativity. He is faithful. He has given me ideas time and time again. If He can equip me, He can equip you, too.

�Karyn Henley Resources. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Karyn Henley Resources

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