Dennis Leary TV Special Lacks Laughs

The National Pro-Life Action Center (NPLAC)–the uncompromising voice of pro-life America on Capitol Hill–is outraged by Comedy Central’s airing of and planned repeat showings of the patently offensive, Dennis Leary’s “Merry F#%$in’ Christmas.” “With the airing of this so-called comedy show, another front has been opened on the war against the Christian faith and its holy observances,” said Paul Chaim Schenck, director of NPLAC.
Among the more offensive comments in Leary’s show is when he offers that the Christmas holiday is built on “. . . a bunch of bullsh**t,” because he believes the real reason the Virgin Mary became pregnant with Jesus was because someone “. . . banged the hell out of his mom.”
“Not only is Dennis Leary simply not funny on this show, but if such despicable statements were made about the venerated figures of any other major religion, it would be labeled hate-speech and never allowed to see the light of day,” Schenck said. “But apparently, the management at Comedy Central believes this form of discrimination is still acceptable in 2005.”
While NPLAC is a strong advocate of free speech and the intrinsic value of art, be it in the form of comedy or other mediums, it also believes that the sacred nature of Christmas should not be so easily be dismissed or forgotten. “Christmas is the celebration of the Word made Flesh, the birth of the Christ. In a moment, Mary helped to forever change the world by submitting to God’s will and choosing life,” stated Stephen G. Peroutka, NPLAC chairman and a Maryland attorney. “This feast day is not only a fundamental mystery of the Church, but a profound example of faith and courage that is central to Christianity’s belief in a true culture of life. To subject it to such public ridicule and debasement is the epitome of prejudice and intolerance.”
NPLAC joins with Bill Donahue and the Catholic League in their request that Comedy Central cease to dishonor the Christmas season and the faith of millions of its viewers by removing this offensive production from its schedule. Currently, the show is scheduled to air on Dec. 17, Dec. 21, Dec. 24 and Dec. 25. “Truly adding insult to injury is the callous nature of this program’s scheduling. To plan on airing such inflammatory material on the holy day itself is mockery at its worst,” observed Peroutka. “We are urging our supporters and all Americans of good will to make their voices heard by demanding that Comedy Central remove this detestable show from their schedule.”

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